Advantages of Working With a Shelter Company in Mexico

Advantages of Working With a Shelter Company in Mexico

There are a number of advantages of working with a shelter company in Mexico. These advantages range from the ease of shipping produce to the favorable climate. In addition, working with a company in Mexico can help you save money. For example, an Mexico Shelter Services program offers a program to help corporate clients set up shelters for their employees.


Working with a shelter company in Mexico is a great way to avoid risk and start operations without the hassles of setting up a legal entity in the country. A shelter company is a national company that helps foreign companies set up operations in Mexico without the headaches. They take care of the logistics and legalities for you, so you can focus on running your business. Moreover, working with a shelter company helps you save money because you will have a reduced liability and a faster start-up.

Advantages of Working With a Shelter Company in Mexico

One of the biggest advantages of working with a shelter company is that they have experience in navigating the complex regulatory process in Mexico. They are able to streamline the administrative procedures for foreign manufacturers. These companies have physical premises and can handle legal compliance quickly and easily. In addition, they help companies with market access and valuable information.


Working with a shelter company in Mexico can be an advantage for your business in a number of ways. Not only will you have access to a skilled workforce, but you will also have the opportunity to save on operating costs. Because many Mexican companies offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home, you will be able to reduce the cost of hiring by half or more. A shelter company also has extensive experience in recruiting in the local market, so you can be sure to have a full complement of employees for your new operations.

Working with a shelter company in Mexico is a smart choice for manufacturers that want to expand into a new market or establish a manufacturing facility in Mexico. They are able to reduce market entry risks and costs by taking care of the legal aspects of setting up a plant in Mexico. Moreover, they are able to focus on their core manufacturing functions. In addition, the shelter company can handle their product quality goals.

IVEMSA’s business model

IVEMSA’s business model focuses on supporting foreign investment by creating favorable business conditions for companies. Its services include site selection, detailed information on infrastructure, labor availability, and government support. It also offers start-up services. It has been helping businesses in Mexico since 1982. The organization is a great support for new companies looking to expand their presence in the country.

The company acts as a facilitator by securing the location and renting a facility for its clients. It then manages contracts and governmental permits, and hires human resources. In this way, it offers a “turnkey” operation to a startup. Its founder, Sergio Tagliapietra, a former industrial engineer, envisioned Mexicali’s economic growth potential and partnered with an entrepreneur to help businesses get started.


Working with a shelter company in Mexico has many advantages, including greater scalability and flexibility. When your company grows, you may need to add more staff to handle the complexities of operations in Mexico, including accounting, procurement, customs paper processing, and much more. A shelter company in Mexico can absorb some of these costs for you. They also have a vast network of relationships and accurate local data, which can help you keep costs low.

A Mexico shelter service provider is required to obtain separate business licenses for each client. These licenses have important ramifications in labor, tax, and environmental law. In addition, you may have to pay real estate costs to use a shelter facility. When choosing a Mexico shelter service provider, be sure to consider their responsibilities for the real estate.

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