Cut the mango – it’s that easy

Cut the mango – it’s that easy

The mango is a very popular exotic tropical fruit . However, many despair when cutting the mango because of the large core and the inedible skin. We will show you step by step how you can easily cut open mangoes.

No matter what you intend to do with the mango, whether as a summery dessert , in an exotic salad or simply to eat it straight away – the skin has to come off. You can either remove them immediately or with little tricks only after releasing the relatively large mango core.

Cut mango – Step 1:

Remove the skin from the mango with a vegetable peeler or alternatively with a knife. Double peel very green areas.

Cut mango – Step 2:

Most of the flesh is on the flat sides Cut the flesh from the pit lengthwise on both sides . Then cut off the remaining meat that is still on the side of the core.

Cut mango – Step 3:

As a snack to eat right away or for the fruit salad , cut the mango into cubes. Mango slices are particularly popular for toppings on cakes, as they can be easily cut out of the flesh that has been cut off at the side.

Cutting mango: This trick is very easy

Cutting a mango can be a bit of a challenge because of the pit. But with a few tricks, it’s not difficult at all. We’ll show you how to serve the fruit properly.

How do I know if a mango is ripe?

When you cut open a mango, it should be nicely ripe . You can tell a ripe mango by the fact that it gives way slightly when you press the peel and has an intense scent. However, the color is not an indicator of the degree of ripeness, as there are also varieties that remain completely green.

If the mango is not yet ripe , you should give it a few days to ripen. For example, you can wrap them in newspaper and put them in a sunny place – this is the fastest way for them to ripen.

In order to avoid pesticide residues in the fruit, you should always buy organic goods . Also, look for a Fairtrade seal to ensure the exotic fruit has been fairly traded. Since mangoes have been transported long distances, they should not be on your daily menu.


Cutting the mango: the mango hedgehog

Be careful not to damage the shell. (Photo: Photo: Utopia/ Sarah Gairing)

With this trick, the mango can be easily cut into bite-sized cubes and the mango hedgehog looks great at the same time. It is important that you do not peel the mango beforehand. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Wash the mango.
  2. Cut the flesh from the pit on the left and right: mango pits are flat and the shape of the mango gives you an indication of how the pit lies inside (mangoes are also slightly flatter on one side). Place the knife about 1-2 cm to the right or left of the middle and cut down one side.
  3. Carefully score horizontal and vertical lines into the flesh with a knife. Be careful not to cut through the shell !
  4. Turn the mango half over so the mango cubes are facing up.
  5. You can either remove the remaining pulp around the stone with a knife or “gnaw off”.

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