How to really lose weight

How to really lose weight

Give up fat? A pound of weight loss a week? Five small meals instead of three big ones? All wrong! Nutritional science has learned something new when it comes to losing weight.

Soups are number one when it comes to losing weight. Various experiments have shown that they can reduce hunger: With a soup as a starter and the main meal that follows, you eat around a fifth less food and calories.

Another experiment shows that a single-food meal served with a glass of water is less filling than the same ingredients pureed into a soup. Apparently a soup lingers longer in the stomach. If there is still some meat or fish in it, the saturation lasts even longer – a hormone release after protein consumption is responsible.

Tip : Eat meat soup with lots of vegetables until you are full. Or start your meals with a vegetable soup.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be

If you are not hungry in the morning, you should skip breakfast. The calories saved as a result are not made up for during the day, which supports weight loss. However, if you are completely inedible without breakfast, you should choose one that fills you up for as long as possible.

Tip : No breakfast or a sustainable one like scrambled eggs with ham, tomatoes, cucumber and some salmon. But lunch can be a bit more modest.

Two to three meals are better than five

If you eat all the time, you have an elevated insulin level all the time. The body can only tap into fat deposits when this drops. Regular breaks between meals relieve the organism. Skipping meals boosts fat metabolism. Anyone who is figure-conscious should therefore eat two to three times a day. It is important that you become really full, i.e. consume a lot of protein, dietary fibers and food volume.

Tip : Rest at least four to five hours between meals.

Does eating late make you fat?

belt instead of scales

The scale is a poor tool for judging your figure. It is better to measure the waist circumference. Women with a waist circumference of more than 80 centimeters and men with a waist circumference of more than 94 centimeters have a demonstrably increased risk of developing type II diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

It is important to know here: One kilogram of fat is three times as voluminous as one kilogram of muscle. So if you eat less and exercise more at the same time10 SPORTS TIPS fun in sports operates, may not even see the result of the changed way of life on the scales, but can nevertheless tighten their belts noticeably. One thing is certain: in addition to changing your diet, losing weight also requires more exercise. Today, in addition to endurance training, strength training is also recommended. This increases the calorie metabolism of the body.

Tip : measure your weight loss on your favorite pair of jeans. If it starts to feel looser, you’re on the right track. Ideally, you should not eat anything for two hours after exercising so that fat burning can continue undisturbed.

6 tips on how to move successfully
  • It has to be fun : You should choose a sport that is not only compulsory but also gives you pleasure.
  • Set achievable goals : If you take on too much, you won’t keep going – and may even harm your body.
  • Looking for exercise in everyday life : cycling to work, getting off the tram one stop earlier, always using the stairs.
  • Provide starting aids : have your running shoes ready the night before, make appointments to go walking, develop rituals.
  • Make a plan : write down why, how and when you want to move.
  • Enjoy success : It’s a great feeling to register for a mass sporting event and to celebrate crossing the finish line.
Eat spicy and go out in the cold

The capsaicin in hot spices boosts the metabolism, energy consumption is up to a quarter higher for about three hours than if you ate the same meal without pepper. It has been proven that if you start sweating because of the heat , you burn more fat. But even those who are cold lose weight more quickly: Brown fat cells become active. They burn fat deposits and turn them into heat.

Tip : Eat as spicy as possible. Go for a walk outside when it’s cold and reduce the temperature in your home.

Getting enough sleep makes you slim

Those who sleep badly and too little are more likely to become fat. sleep deprivation and disorders INSOMNIA sleep, where are you staying bring the endocrine system out of balance – not enough satiety hormone leptin is released, but at the same time too much ghrelin, which makes you hungry. Fat burning is also not stimulated enough, while too much of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released, which lead to more abdominal fat.

It is also worth reducing stress . The stress hormone cortisol leads to overeating, because it was released as an emergency signal when prehistoric people didn’t have enough food.

Tip : If you want to stay slim or lose weight, you should allow yourself seven to eight hours of healthy, restful sleep. Endurance sports and relaxation exercises can slow down the release of fattening stress hormones.

Milk and dairy products: full fat does the trick

Fat is an important flavor carrier. That’s why full-fat milk and milk products taste better than skimmed milk and the like. However, the difference in calories is small: a glass of whole milk has just 20 calories more than a glass of skimmed milk. Apple juice is a calorie bomb in comparison!

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Studies suggest that eating plenty of calcium boosts fat burning right after a meal, and maybe for the rest of the day. Australian researchers also came to the conclusion that the utilization of a calcium-rich food leads to greater heat loss: a higher calcium intake doubled the rate of fat burning. Belly fat seems to be particularly affected.

Other substances in milk also seem to have a fat-burning effect, for example the amino acid leucine, natural ACE inhibitors and the linoleic acid CLA. A new study showed that women who drink a lot of milk have a significantly slimmer waistline than non-dairy drinkers. New studies from China and the US show that people with the highest leucine consumption have the lowest weight.

Tip : Anyone who consumes three to four servings of milk and milk products every day should benefit the most. There is also a large selection of suitable dairy products for people with lactose intolerance.

Protein is better than filling supplements

Proteins in fish, meat, eggs, legumes or nuts are the best fillers. Various studies show that after a high-protein meal, you feel less hungry, eat less in the following meal, and thus consume fewer calories.

The utilization of proteins is an energy-consuming process. The body temperature rises, sweating is announced. This does not happen after consuming fats and carbohydrates. The stimulation of the metabolism leads to an additional consumption of 40 to 80 calories per day.

Proteins are also important so that the body does not break down muscles during a diet. The amino acid leucine seems to play a special role. It is abundant in tuna, salmon, beef tenderloin, milk and dairy products, and peanuts.

So-called filling side dishes such as rice, pasta or bread, on the other hand, mainly contain carbohydrates. These make you hungry because they lead to insulin release and thus to a drop in blood sugar levels to a value below the initial value. At the same time, insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat in the muscles and promotes fat storage in the tissue. It’s no coincidence that pigs are fattened on carbohydrates.

Tip : Eat meat, fish, eggs or tofu at least once a day along with three to four servings of milk and dairy products. Do you tend to tummy? Are you moving too little? Then eat less carbohydrates.

Losing four kilos – a great achievement

What weight loss is realistic? The results of various studies are sobering. Women lose an average of just two kilos in a year, men four. Those who achieve more have above-average success. It is important and difficult to keep the weight lower permanently.

After all, even a weight loss of two to four kilos leads to reduced insulin resistance and an improved metabolic situation, i.e. a lower risk of diabetes and heart attack .

Tip : Every kilo less is a great success. Pat yourself on the back and lower your expectations.

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