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Instagram Emojis For Android VS iOS

About Instagram Emojis

Instagram Emojis is a social media platform that uses emojis to express feelings and send messages. Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users and more than 500 million daily active users. The app was founded in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This application enables members to take pictures, post comments, add hashtags, share posts with other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. All posts, comments, and pictures are then shared with other Instagram users. Instagram Emojis For Android and iOS has increased exponentially in recent years, especially among younger generations. These days, people aren’t just using emojis to convey their feelings, they’re also creating hashtags to describe them (i.e., feels).

Why Use Instagram Emojis?

Studies have found that 83% of the online population uses some form of social media. The primary reason for social media use is because users want to stay connected with others. A majority of people online are aged between 18-34, making them the highest users of Instagram.

Instagram emojis make it easier for members to express themselves through this social media platform because they can see other’s reactions through emojis. Emojis facilitate easy understanding and make the conversation more interesting, especially when using hashtags that are trending worldwide (#feels).

Is There An Emoji For Every Situation?

There are 1000s of emojis to choose from on any social media platform allowing you to represent almost anything, but sometimes it’s difficult finding the right emoji because there may not be an emoji for your situation or feeling. There are some emojis that may fit your situation better than others and you can also pair two or more emojis together to express how you feel (i.e., the girl with a hand over mouth: shock).

Instagram Emojis For Android VS iOS

The good news is both iOS and Android offer a wide range of emojis for their users. However, there are certain differences between the two versions; i.e., color schemes and user interface (UI).

Color Schemes & UI – Instagram Emojis For Android Vs Instagram Emojis For iOS

Instagram for Android features more vivid colors which include dark gray, light gray, white, and blue while iPhone/iOS uses softer tones including lighter gray, dark gray, and white.

User Interface – Instagram Emojis For Android Vs Instagram Emojis For iOS

Android users have to click on the emoji icon and then select their desired emoji from the pop-up panel while iPhone/iOS users can access emojis with one simple tap of a button.

Is There Any Difference When Using Emojis?

There is no difference in terms of functionality or usage when using Instagram emojis on both platforms. However, there are some major differences between iPhone/iOS and Android devices such as:

Data Usage – iPhone/iOS users can send an emoji without using mobile data while Android users need to have mobile data enabled in order to use emojis.  Writing Mode – Android features a writing mode that allows you to see what your caption will look like before posting it, which helps you avoid any typos and grammatical errors. Caption Length –  iPhone/iOS has a character limit of 3000 characters per post while many Android devices don’t have a specific character limit (i.e., some devices may allow you to post captions with up to 4500 characters).

Now that we’ve covered the difference between emojis on Instagram for Android and iPhone/iOS, let’s take a look at how emojis can be used. As previously mentioned, users can pair more than one emoji together in order to express different meanings (i.e., a girl with a hand over mouth: shock + girl with thought bubble: wondering what someone is doing) but they can also use emojis on their posts and comments (i.e., selfie + lipstick: I feel pretty).  

You can even add color effects to your pictures by using an emoji as your profile picture on Instagram, which will allow people to see your reaction when you’re using certain hashtags (i.e., heart eye emoji: love).

How to Put Emoticons on Instagram

How to Add Emoticons to Your Caption on Instagram for Android

Step 1: Open your preferred photo editing app and click on the emojis icon in order to open the emoji panel.

Step 2: Select an emoji from the different categories (i.e., people, nature, objects) or tap on the world icon in order to see all of the available emojis offered by Instagram.

Step 3: Once you’ve chosen one or more emojis, click anywhere outside of the pop-up panel in order to complete adding your caption with emojis.

How to Add Emoticons to Your Caption on Instagram for iPhone/iOS

Step 1: Open your preferred photo editing app and click on the emoji icon in order to open the emoji panel.

Step 2: Select an emoji from the different categories (i.e., people, nature, objects) or tap on the globe icon in order to see all of the available emojis offered by Instagram.  Once you’ve chosen one or more emojis, click anywhere outside of the pop-up panel in order to complete adding your caption with emojis.

How to Add Emoticons on Your Posts & Comments on Instagram for Android

Step 1: Open Instagram and click on your profile picture (usually a headshot of yourself) on top of the screen located near the top center in order to access your personal profile settings where you can change your profile picture and turn on or off certain features such as GPS, post notifications and activity status.

Step 2: After you’ve clicked on your profile picture once, a new window will pop up containing all of the options and features that can be enabled or disabled for your profile. From here, tap on the “Lights, Camera, Action” button located in the bottom center to open your Instagram story feed where you can see posts from people that you’re following as well as create stories yourself. Once you’re inside this section, click on one of your followers’ posts (i.e., selfies) to view their photo/video then quickly swipe left or right in order to switch between different pictures until you find an emoji that you want to use.

Step 3: Once you have located an emoji that you want to use, click on it and hold your finger down on the emoji until a new menu appears with all of the different features/options offered by Instagram (i.e., send a Direct Message, copy, delete). From here, click on “Add Text”  in order to add your caption with emojis or tap on “Send It!”  to post the photo directly without adding any captions at all.

Step 4: After you’ve added text to your photo/video, click on the blue checkmark icon to post it or press the grey X in order to cancel.

Are Emojis Important?

Yes, emojis are very important because they help to enhance users’ posts and comments by allowing them to write a caption that directly corresponds with their picture. This is especially useful when the user feels strongly about what’s going on in the photo/video or they want others to know exactly how they feel about it.

How to Put Emoticons on Instagram

Emoticons are becoming more popular because it gives people the opportunity to express their personal feelings towards a photo/video. For example, if somebody posted a picture of themselves posing with an expensive sports car, they can use an emoji as their profile picture followed by a caption that says “dreaming” in order to indirectly tell others that they wish they owned this particular luxury vehicle.

Why Do People Use Emojis?

People are using emojis because they’re fun and easy to use by either adding them directly into their captions or using them as their profile image (especially for selfie posts). It allows people to share their thoughts and opinions within seconds which makes it easier for other users to see how they feel about a certain photo/video.

What Emojis Are Used the Most?

Some of the most popular emojis that are used include “heart eyes”, “love”, “laughing so hard I’m crying” and Facebook’s “reaction” emojis which have all become widely used within Instagram captions. Generally, any emoji that describes someone’s reaction or facial expression to what’s going on in a picture will likely be used by other users as well.

What Are the Benefits of Using Emojis?

Using emojis on Instagram can benefit your posts in a variety of ways. For example, if somebody else featured you on their post for being tagged in one of their selfies or you were mentioned within someone’s story feed but they didn’t tag you directly, then all they have to do is search through some of your past posts to find out where they first saw your name. Once they’ve located it, all they have to do is click on the emoji that corresponds with your username next to the words “tagged” or “mentioned”, this will take them over to your profile which allows them to see more information about you and possibly follow you as well without leaving the original post/story screen.

Emoticons can also be used when tagging friends in your posts to make it easier for them to see when there’s a mention or comment about them, especially if they’re working and can’t physically check their account. Although people often tag one another in their captions, using emoji’s is even more efficient because it allows others to quickly view what photos/videos you’ve posted if they’re currently scrolling through their feed.

What Are Some of the Risks of Using Emojis?

Although emojis are fun and easy to use, there are some risks that come with using them on your Instagram profile too. This includes other people finding out where your username was mentioned or tagged which could result in unwanted visitors viewing your profile. There are also privacy issues that could be breached by using certain emoji’s, for example, if someone uses the “shh” emoji on your post to tell you or others to keep something quiet, someone else may come across it and think you’re hiding even though you weren’t. This can cause arguments among people because they misunderstood what was being said which is why it’s important to remember not to use any emoji that has a double meaning or emotion that doesn’t portray exactly how you feel about something or who you’re saying it too.

The Final Verdict: Which Version Of The App Has The Best Instagram Emojis?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform that helps people connect all over the world. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s important for the app to maintain its user base by providing quality service in terms of posting pictures and videos, creating hashtags, and using emojis in comments.

Whichever version you decide to use, make sure you have fun and stay connected with friends and family.


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